Our Lady's Living Rosary
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Petite Manual of the Living Rosary

In the 12th century Our Blessed Mother revealed to Saint Dominic that the devotion of the Holy Rosary would be the only remedy to defeat the Albigensian heresy. These heretics were enemies of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Virgin and the Saints. They destroyed the churches and desecrated the holy altars. Saint Dominic preached the Rosary and the faithful embraced it with all their hearts. Almost immediately the situation changed. God and His Holy Mother were almost forgotten to these people until the Rosary began being practiced. The results were immediate and drastic. Many people re-entered the Church, a great number of heretics and sinners were converted. After this period the Sovereign Pontiff always recommended the Rosary as a devotion that would produce great fruit, miracles and obtain extraordinary graces. Another benefit of the Rosary is that it appeases the justice of God toward man and renders the devil powerless at the moment of our death.

These considerations are what moved the Holy Father to sanction, with his Pontifical authority, the institution of The Living Rosary. One cannot say that this is a new devotion but it is rather an antique and holy devotion. It is the Rosary presented to the people in a way that makes it simple.

The following is a solemn declaration of the Holy Father, Pope Gregory XVI, which was written on Jan. 27, 1832.

"In the profound pain, misery and tribulation of these times, we have found great consolation in the pious devotion to the Holy Virgin under the title of The Living Rosary.
We live under the firm confidence of God's help. One great advantage of the devotion is that it is simple and makes us turn often to honor the Holy Mother of God in every place and at every time. The union of many souls raised in prayer together creates a great force and inclines God to clemency toward us.
For this reason we do not hesitate to address this practice by our Pontifical authority and give it the credit of the following indulgences, always remembering the great advantages that have resulted to the whole Catholic Church due to the faithful communication with, and imploring of, the Holy Virgin by the practice of the recitation of the Rosary instituted in Her honor.
Driven by the same motives and cherishing the same hopes, our priests have committed themselves to welcoming the institution of The Living Rosary and many of them have recommended it to their diocese as second only to the Sacraments as a means to elevate the piety of the faithful and draw down an abundance of graces and benedictions for all."

The Regulations of the Simple Association of the Living Rosary

The primary purpose of The Living Rosary is to appease the wrath of God through the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary in order to preserve and revive the Faith in the souls of the faithful and to obtain the conversion of sinners and the exaltation of Holy Mother the Church.


The method adopted in this institution for the recitation of the Rosary consists in dividing the prayers between fifteen people. In this way the precious devotion should be practiced every day, entirely, and through all fifteen people. The associates have only one mystery to pray each day and in this way they can occupy themselves more easily with the recitation of the prayers and primarily with the meditation on that mystery. Meditation on their mystery is very essential to the devotion of the Rosary.


The fifteen mysteries of the Rosary are delegated, each to an individual. The member then forms a spiritual representation of the mystery and all are united spiritually to complete the whole. United spiritually, the union of their hearts forms a Living Rose in the flourishing field of Our Lady's Rosary Garden. The delegation reminds the associates that they must be faithful to their commitments: to meditate on their assigned mystery until that mystery renders it's fruits in their hearts.


Any willing faithful soul may pray a decade of The Living Rosary no matter what their age or situation. Our Lady's Living Rosary Association believes in accordance with Catholic teaching that all the souls in the whole world were washed in the blood of Jesus Christ to the end that the good might continue in virtue and that sinners might be converted from their evil ways. The association has no other standard but the Cross and no other spirit but Scripture and Traditions.

Each associate who is part of The Living Rosary must make an effort to make the devotion known and loved and bring in other members.

To be part of The Living Rosary it is necessary to be the actual person whose name is assigned to a particular decade. There can be no trading of or changing decades. Changes and assignments must be entered in the main register.


The associates have to recite daily the decade which they have been assigned and they must accompany these prayers with meditation on their mystery. These practices do not hold any obligation under pain of sin, not even venial, but for the favor of the children of The Living Rosary, do not pass a day without paying your tribute to Our Lady, which is as simple and small as your decade. Without your participation, the Rosary would be rendered incomplete and it would lose its efficacious value and cast a dark shadow on your post (decade).


You must recite your post with spirit and with your heart in union with all the other associates, and particularly with those of your immediate Rosary. All these parts of The Living Rosary are divided externally but are reunited before God in order and sentiment. The union of purpose in which the associates are joined has many favorable advantages which God bestows upon those who pray with one voice and one intention.

Each associate reciting their post asks God special graces for themselves and all the associates and especially for all sinners; the special graces Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother have merited through the mystery that they are obliged to honor.

You can recite your post while working or walking in the event that you do not have the time or place to offer it on your knees before the statue of Our Lady. The person who has the happiness of reciting every day the entire fifteen decades of the Rosary can apply in their Rosary their dedicated decade and appropriately apply meditation of the mystery that they are assigned.

Advice to the Associates

We suggest each associate, once a year, make a half hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and/or make the Stations of the Cross for the departed members of Our Lady's Living Rosary Association.

The caring that unites the associates in this life will require them to pray for the deceased souls of the Association. They should apply their suffrages and indulgences gained through this devotion to the departed members.

During the entire month of May the associates should practice devotion in honor of Our Lady. It is also desirable that each member recite the entire fifteen decades of the Rosary on the first Sunday in October, the month of the principle feast of the Most Holy Rosary.

The associate must not lose the vision of the purpose of this Holy practice as instituted by Pope Gregory XVI.

"We force ourselves to inflame in the hearts of all the faithful; zeal, respect, love and devotion towards Our Blessed Mother. We commit ourselves to increase the fervor of one another in promoting this practice that the number of associates and the indulgences obtained may greatly increase. We hurry in this time to practice all the virtues until our conduct is fully regulated to the Christian life. We render ourselves dearer to the Holy Mother of God, who promises to conduct to Eternal Life those who have honored Her with this devotion.
"Our intentions and our requests will obtain the good effects we hope for. We will be happy to have opened to the faithful people through this practice of The Living Rosary an abundant source of blessings and good health".