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The Holy Oil of Saint Philomena

The use of oil for anointing is an apostolic injunction. Specially blessed oils used by the Church have always stood for strength, sweetness and spiritual activity. Pure olive oil is an ingredient of Holy Chrism and is prescribed, as well, to be burned in sanctuary lamps. Very frequently the specially blessed oil of Saint Philomena which keeps aglow the undying lamp at the Shrine of Saint Philomena has restored sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the inarticulate and the power of using lifeless limbs. The blessing of this oil take place on the Second Sunday in January. Small amounts of the specially blessed oil is mailed out to the sick all over the world and used with faith and confidence and has been the vehicle of many spiritual conversions and physical cures.

Of all the devotions to Saint Philomena, she seems to delight in using the simple means of the blessed oil and cord in working her greatest miracles. For its use: bless yourself with it invoking the intercession of Saint Philomena and/or you may wish to place a drop on your physical injury or place a drop on your tongue to remedy an internal ailment.