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The Cord of Saint Philomena

Of the several forms which devotion to Saint Philomena has taken, perhaps the one that is best known and most used is that of her Cord. The use of her Cord has been from the beginning a favorite way of honoring the saint and invoking her protection. The holy Curé D'Ars himself blessed and distributed a great many. The cord is white and red, and may be made either of linen, woolen, or cotton threads, so interwoven as to give an almost equal preponderance to both colors; it has two knots at one end. The white color represents virginity; the red, martyrdom..

The cord has been approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites and is enriched with indulgences. The formula of blessing is found in the Roman Ritual. It is usually worn under the outer garment as a girdle. No ceremony is required in conferring it, but it should be blessed. When replacing a worn Cord with a new one, this too, should be blessed. Wearers of the Cord ought to have the intention of honoring Saint Philomena to the best of their ability in order to merit protection against evils of soul and body, and to obtain through her prayers perfect chastity and the spirit of Faith. It is also recommended that the following prayer be said daily:

"Saint Philomena, virgin and Martyr, pray for us that through thy powerful intercession we may obtain that purity of mind and heart which leads to the perfect love of God. Amen."

The Cord of Saint Philomena has been the instrument of innumerable favors. It is used by the sick, and is a protection against accidents and evils of every kind. Those suffering from temporal trials, or spiritual temptations, have found it a wonderful help. It is especially recommended that children be given the Cord, for it is a marvelous protection in the many mishaps which threaten them.

But the Cord is worn especially as a safeguard of the virtue of chastity. Saint Philomena is regarded as a powerful protectress of this virtue because, if the reputed facts of her life are true, her own virginal purity was so outstanding. Hence, her clients believe God has given her a special power of assisting those who are tempted against this virtue.

The story of her life indicates that she realized the full value of the angelic virtue, having bound herself to it by vow at the tender age of eleven; that she preserved her innocence in spite of the temptations to which she was subjected in a sensuous Greek court at a time when heathenism had full sway, and when the immodest images of the Greek gods and most shameful scandals everywhere shocked the modesty of innocent eyes and blighted the purity of innocent hearts. According to the same story, a mighty emperor offered her a kingdom and a crown. The anger of a wrathful father, the tears of an affectionate mother, stormed her heart; she stood alone, abandoned and forsaken. But she trusted her Divine Bridegroom; she remained faithful to her vow, and conquered. The Lord was her strength in the combat and He will likewise come to the assistance of all who invoke her aid in the midst of temptations; He will glorify again her name and her virtue. Let those who find themselves carried away by passion, and tempted to disregard the laws of Holy Mother Church by entering into marriages which are sinful in the eyes of God and man, implore Saint Philomena's kindly assistance. She has conquered in similar circumstances. Grace came to her aid, and the enemy will be put to flight again through her intercession if it is confidently asked and the fear of God allowed to rule the mind and will.

Plenary Indulgences of the Cord of Saint Philomena

  1. On the day on which the cord is worn for the first time.
  2. On May 25th, anniversary of opening of Saint Philomena's tomb — catacombs of Saint Priscilla.
  3. On August 11, her proper feast.
  4. On December 15, the anniversary of the approbation of the Cord by the Holy See.
  5. At the moment of death, under the ordinary conditions.